April 26, 2018

Foreward by Paul Young


Read the foreward below by Paul Young, author of Best Seller “The Shack”:

“Wes Yoder is my friend, a trusted friend. In his face he carries well the lines of life, an artist’s incarnational etchings carved into flesh by choices to love, to forgive and pay the price that only kindness can exact. It is a weathered face that naturally breaks along the channels formed by years of smiling and laughing, the ruts of maturity that have also given path to a lifetime of tears and tenderness.

Wes is a man. He doesn’t need an external definition to validate what that means; he simply is…a man, with an expanding heart of a father in the faith for the “brothers” who are struggling to figure out what “man” is. You can see it in his hands, hewn in hard work from farm to free market. You could be stone-blind and still know it; you can hear it in his voice, the timbre and resonance that echo off the deeper places of your own soul, but always leaving you better for its arrival and visitation.

You want to better understand “man”? Then begin here, in these stories and questions, these longings and desires, the explorations of risk and trust required, the examination of both profound majesty and staggering stupidity, in both the ironwork and the artistry. This is not a book of formulas and magical incantations, but an invitation into becoming, to enter the depths of disclosure that makes humans of us men, while celebrating what only we can bring to the dance.

So dive in and listen for the Father’s heart, the One who respects you enough to await your call, but loves you enough never to be far-off and who will always refuse to let you travel down this road alone.”