April 26, 2018

What People Are Saying

If I had a son, this is the book I would give him.  As it is, I’m giving a copy to my Dad.  Wes speaks with honesty, insight and wisdom of rare clarity and depth.  I’ve read plenty of spiritual books for men, but this is the first one that changed my life.
- Matt Mikalatos
Author of Imaginary Jesus and Night of the Living Dead Christians

Put me down for the first ten sales: one to each of my three brothers, one to each of my three sons, one to each of my four grandsons. And I’ll urge their mothers and wives to read it too. Finally, something fresh and real for men.

-Jerry B. Jenkins
Owner, Christian Writers Guild

In a culture drowning in sensitivity to female concerns, there has been a drought of books by and for men. Wes Yoder’s ‘Bond of Brothers’ is the oasis we’ve been waiting and hoping for.

-Cal Thomas
Syndicated Columnist

Bond of Brothers is written by a man who has known betrayal and forgiveness, failure and success.  I was intrigued by the powerful stories and applications for my own life in those areas that men don’t often talk about.  This is a book every man should read!  Wes proved his bond of brotherhood to me after the loss of my daughter, Rachel, at Columbine High School in 1999.

-Darrell Scott, Founder, Rachel’s Challenge

Finally a book written by a man for men.  Such books are usually written by women, often with very impressive credentials, but only men really understand men.  In my humble opinion Bond of Brothers is one of the best books of its kind.
-Dave Berg, Tonight Show Producer for 18 years

“Manhood and authenticity in our culture are oxymorons. Wes Yoder takes these two and weds them with humor and insight in a celebration of life fully lived without pretense and bravado. How? He speaks of security in the penetrating knowledge and love of God which enables vulnerability with his brothers. He speaks of a masculine heart where a woman can find her home. If you have a brother, a friend, a father, a son, give him this book as a gift from your heart. Our world longs for authentic people who celebrate the gift of true masculinity.”
-Ruth Graham,

BAM! Wes Yoder hit me right in the mouth with a fresh, desperately needed, and penetrating look into the male mind, our modern malaise, and maddening quest for validation.  No stale bread, no tired clichés, and no peacocking in Bond of Brothers. Wes says stuff in this book I have never heard anyone say about men and, more to the point, about me!  Grab a steak knife and come hungry to this book.  You will taste and see victory in its pages.

-Kenny Luck, Men’s Pastor
Every Man Ministries, Saddleback Church

Yoder’s book begins anew the conversation about men’s twin demons of despair–guilt and shame–and how the power of deeper trusted male friendships can bring hope and restoration. With honest probing, he starts a new conversation that is cathartic, healing, and hopeful.
-B.J. Weber

President, New York Fellowship

At 68 this is a book I needed throughout the decades of my own years.  To have it now is a gift of magnitude, personally, and for the men (and women) I’ve the sacred privilege of mentoring/spiritually fathering across the globe.  These are not just pages filled with words.  This book is a conversation that will bring freedom to locked up souls…light to dark places…hope to not needing to play “the game” any more…and it’s rampant with an invitation to trust God and others with yourself…which brings us back to freedom and being alive…fully.

-Wes Roberts
CCO Leadership Design Group
Parker, Colorado

Bond of Brothers is a compelling invitation to men of all ages to engage in an ongoing, genuine and meaningful conversation with other men. It’s a summons to an authentic exchange that will foster friendship, deepen fellowship and encourage a truthful dialog about things that really matter in life and faith.
-Peter York
President, EMI CMG Label Group

Compelling in its elegant honesty, moving in its obvious practicality, and convicting in its unavoidable truth, Bond of Brothers drives the reader into the irresistible stream of Jesus’ grace.

Cortez A. Cooper, retired minister and Wes’s former pastor

Wes Yoder’s book reaches out to both men and women. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to appreciate the love of Christ, his grace, and his mercy.

Kay James Cole

Delightful, transparent trumpet call into the wasteland of battered, individualistic, and broken American manhood. Ring on until the heartstrings vibrate with resonant grace once more. Thanks, Wes.

Richard Showalter, president, Eastern Mennonite Missions