April 26, 2018

Men Through Whom Light Shines Freely

Are we men through whom light shines freely, alive in the joy designed for us by our Creator, or are we still insane and drunk on self-gratification, busy accumulating the empty praises of men, unable to perceive how far we have drifted from home?

This is for each man to answer for himself and perhaps the way to begin your own appraisal is to measure the sense of emptiness you feel within, the strength of fear in your life, and whether anyone but you knows your interior world.

It’s plain to see. The majority of men struggle with a deep sense of inadequacy and fear of failure. website testing Add to these fears the sorrows they have already encountered and the unexpected degree of difficulty presented by unrelenting life challenges and it becomes a no-brainer why so many guys check out, why they look for the easy road, and why the dark side fascinates them until they become prisoners in it.

A guy in deep trouble tends to think he’s the only one with his problems. The reason we think this way is because we live in isolation, friends few, if any at all. The truth is, almost every man out there is in a mess of identical proportion, and for the same reason. All the devil has to do is keep us isolated and afraid, our voices pathetic echoes of ourselves, and he wins the war to destroy us.

There is healing among honest brothers. While there is a cost to friendship, it’s a price worth paying. There is safety in the presence of friends. Many of us who were silent and alone the first time the sorrows of life overwhelmed us will not be alone in round two.

What about you? You can’t be a healthy man in isolation, and I think it is impossible to live to your full potential as a good father to your children, a good husband to your wife, or to be the kind of man a woman would actually want for a husband five or ten years into marriage if you are a man without true friends. True friends know how to be present with you in times of trouble, and they know how to talk about the things men care about beyond the game and whatever happened at work last Thursday.

The Prophet Malachi wrote these words almost 2,500 years ago: “Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them….”

I’d bet my life they were talking about a thing or two that mattered to them and to God.